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10 Indian Influencers Under 30 Who Are Making a Big Difference in 2023

In today’s world, young entrepreneurs and influencers are emerging as game-changers across various industries. Here are ten such individuals under the age of 30 who are making a big impact in India:

Ankush Barjata, 23, Founder and CEO of Deeva

Hailing from Himachal Pradesh, Ankush Barjata is the founder of Deeva, an online portal that sells sarees to customers across India. He has even been featured in Entrepreneur’s 30under30 list. Ankush believes in setting high targets and deciding the trajectory you are going to travel to achieve them.

Dr. Jeffin Ani Johns, 31, Angel Investor and Entrepreneur

Dr. Jeffin Ani Johns is an Indian entrepreneur and angel investor who has made his mark in the industry with his ventures ranging from edtech to brand building to infrastructure. He is the co-founder of BrandKeeda and CEO of Ace Pro Factor Asia, which has over a million users across the globe. Jeffin Johns has been ranked among 30 under 30 edupreneurs in India and has been nominated twice to represent India on international platforms.

Shlok Srivastava, 26, Content Creator and Entrepreneur

Known as Tech Burner, this 26-year-old has 7.5 million subscribers on his eponymous YouTube Channel. He is best known for his ‘How To’ tutorials on gadgets, product reviews, and life hacks. His videos garner a viewership of 50 million every month. His company Burner Media creates content for social media and manages a couple of websites and five apps, which have over two lakh downloads.

Rahul Jain, 28, Brand and Creative Strategist, Sideways Consulting

From mentoring startups in the first cohort of Flipkart’s accelerator program to disrupting movie marketing and trailer formats for animation films like Incredibles 2 to building digital offerings for fintech brands, Rahul Jain has done it all.

Jash Shah, 26, Co-Founder of Get-A-Whey

This mechanical engineer-turned-entrepreneur always knew he wanted to start something of his own. The craving for a post-workout healthy snack clubbed with his love for ice creams led to the beginnings of Get-A-Whey, a protein-based, sweetened-with-erythritol ‘healthy’ ice cream. It has clocked Rs 5 crore in revenues to date.

Elwinder Singh, 29, Co-Founder of Connect and Heal

Personal distress while dealing with the healthcare system led Singh to realize that millions of others may feel similarly lost when it came to taking care of their loved ones. He quit his job and moved to India to launch Connect and Heal, which ties up with large companies to manage on-site primary care of employees. Care is delivered not only to offices in metros but also in far-flung areas. The startup serves 1.5 million employees from 300 corporations.

Raju Kendre, 28, Founder and CEO of Eklavya India

When Kendre stepped into a big city to study for the first time, he didn’t have anyone to guide him. Eklavya India, his organization, now mentors students to promote higher education and enables grassroots leadership of first-generation learners. He has helped 300 students gain admission into noted universities. After a master’s from TISS Tuljapur, he’s now pursuing development studies at SOAS in the UK to hone his craft of helping people.

Yellow.AI’s Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Rashid Khan, at the age of 29, is one of the most influential young entrepreneurs in India. Interactive AI has become a massive industry in recent years, and is at the forefront of all the action. During the pandemic, the company built solutions to help governments and vaccinations. In 2021, it unveiled its voice AI product and aims to expand its business to more markets and enable new use cases in 2022.

The trio of 26-year-old co-founders, Sandeep Sharma, Anil Kumar Reddy, and Sarang Bobade, of DonateKart, have built an e-commerce platform for giving. The biggest challenge of giving is that the donated items often do not match the ground requirements. Through DonateKart, you don’t donate money, but rather, “shop” for the items NGOs list as their requirements. The platform procures and delivers the items, providing the giver with delivery details. So far, over one million donors have contributed Rs 150 crore worth of donations to 1,000 NGOs.

Gokul Shrinivas, at the age of 26, is the founder and CEO of MinionLabs. His company has created a palm-sized wireless device, the Minion, which captures and analyses energy consumption data at home, office, or a factory. It helps users with smart ways to optimize usage to cut electricity bills. Among its clients are Cisco, Fortis Healthcare, Accenture, MRF India, and Ford India, among many others.

Clean energy and climate change are significant global challenges, and these young entrepreneurs have made a significant contribution to solving them. Their innovative ideas and solutions have made a difference in people’s lives and the planet. These emerging Indian influencers under 30 are making a big difference, and their impact will only continue to grow.

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