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2-year-old Avita Singh gets selected for a modeling competition and reaches semi-finale

Raebareli girl Avita Singh again made headlines with her exceptional talent of modeling at the age of two. Organized by Shine India Film Production House in Lucknow 2-year-old Avita Singh was selected for a modeling competition and made it to the semi-finale. The competition which was open for children across India was held on May 10th, children from all across India also participated in the competition.

Undoubtedly kids modelling has become increasingly popular in the world of fashion and advertisement. Now baby Avita Singh is capturing the hearts of many with her modelling ramp walk while also inspiring other children of her age. The 2-year-old Avita Singh has become an internet sensation demonstrating the potential and capabilities of the upcoming generations.

Indeed, a great accomplishment that inspired many kids and their parents to pursue their objectives and make an effort to do something extraordinary with their lives. Avita Singh had previously made headlines with her massive achievement in the field of sports and clinching a world record. At the age of eight months, she received the honor of holding the world record with Harvard World Records as the World’s youngest girl who has done the most number of claps in a minute on 9th July 2022. She has also showcased her mastery in Taekwondo at the age of 1 by winning a Gold Medal in the Taekwondo Championship in the junior cadet category in Noida. On February 14, 2024, the non-governmental organization Eleven Brothers Foundation, based in Rae Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, announced the appointment of Avita Singh as their brand ambassador.

Avita Singh, also known as Mammo, was born on November 7, 2021, to Sujeeta Singh and Dr. Avinash Singh of Raebarely, Uttar Pradesh. Avita’s outstanding achievement at such a young age has set an excellent example for her parents and made not only her family but the entire country proud. While all children are born with the capacity to succeed, some parents know from the start that their children will be renowned. Indeed, obtaining such a prominent position at such a young age is remarkable.

Dr. Avinash Singh, Avita Singh’s father, founded the Eleven Brothers Foundation and is a well-known motivational speaker, wellness coach, and lifestyle trainer, as well as a trainer in digital marketing, forex, and cryptocurrency. Dr. Avinash Singh aims to launch his daughter Avita Singh as the world’s youngest motivational speaker and trainer, empowering her to make a difference in people’s lives. Indeed, starting as a model as a child is an excellent approach to lay the groundwork for the future.


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