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A Brand New Shape of Experiential Luxury

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – said, Saint Augustine.

If there is one experience that benefits your health, happiness, and personal development – it would be traveling. Travelling in easy words to me is an exhilarating experience that educates you and unites your life with a new world but in a fresh new perspective. Especially with Gen Z and the Millenials, they attain more delight from the uncertainty of experiential purchases and pause for an experience that tends to be more pleasurable and thrilling than waiting to receive materialistic assets. Having toured almost all parts of India and now to be residing in Europe, if anyone asks about the choices I made in life I would say they were the best because they gave me the opportunity to have meaningful connections and be globally aware.

The feeling of having uncovered new cultures, and languages and meeting new people means immense benefit to one’s life. Personally, I have always pursued deeper and more genuine connections with the locations I have visited; tailored and co-created ventures offer tales worthy to be shared to build life’s treasures, but beyond all this, it helps one differentiate themselves from the mass. Regardless, nowadays, many of them want to create experiences that align with their individual unique interests, conditions, and values; voyages that entitle them to let the globe know who they are and what they portray.

Since every little experience shapes your personality, the only way to break free from the monotony of life is to book that ticket that you have been dreaming about – just one step away from enriching yourself with the luxury of existing in this world and appreciating its beauty. Take this shot because learning doesn’t always imply reading books, the greatest learning comes with struggles, adventures, and treasured memories!

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