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A Delhi entrepreneur left MNC to start a streetwear door-to-door supply business, making a lot of money and earning the nickname “Khan Bhai Dilli Wale” from customers.

Delhi-based entrepreneur, Suheb Ali Khan, made a bold move by quitting his job in a MNC to pursue his passion for streetwear. With the help of co-founder Afnan Ahmed Bari, Suheb established Union Made Clothing Co. in 2016. Their aim was to support multiple families through cotton and revolutionize the streetwear industry. Today, their company is lovingly known as ‘Khan Bhai Dilli Wale’ by customers and has made a turnover of crores.

The journey to success was not easy for Suheb and Afnan. They faced numerous challenges and there was no clear path to success. However, their kind vision of bringing evolution in the lives of multiple families kept them going. They import quality goods from overseas countries like Thailand, China, Vietnam, and Turkey to provide unique and economic clothing options with the greatest quality. Their success has garnered more than 100,000 happy clients and 22k followers on Instagram. They are also active on YouTube.

Building a community and gaining people’s trust was a challenging task. However, expressing their passion and love for India’s legacy of textile material, especially authentic cotton fabric, changed everything. Union Made Clothing Co. supports dozens of families and people through their love for cotton.

Union Made Clothing Co. is the ultimate online store for fashion and leisure. They offer a wide selection of goods, including art prints, games, music, quotes, and more. With a focus on clothing and accessories, Union Made is the perfect store for online shopping in India. They source their inventory directly from fashion companies and provide the most recent designs from favorite designers. Customers can take advantage of their convenient online purchasing platform from the comfort of their own homes and have their items delivered right to their doorstep.

To learn more about Union Made Clothing Co. and for collaboration opportunities, visit their website at or call 9818984812.

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