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A shining example in Uttar Pradesh political arena, meet Suyash Srivastava.

Member of samajwadi party, and district vice – president Lohia Vahini Prayagraj , a wing of samajwadi party and is dedicated to his political and humanitarian works.

Suyash Srivastava, who is today among uttar Pradesh most talked about young and dynamic political leaders says that reaching the root cause of issues grinding every day and leaving no effort untouched is the and key to making positive difference in people’s lives

Suyash soivastava, the dynamic young samajwadi leader. He hailed from the prayagraj town of Uttar Pradesh. and belong to kayastha community, and currently living in the capital of uttar pradesh Lucknow. He is the state president of Manavadikar Action forum and also legal advisor of karma legals.

Today as a political leader, suyash Srivastava immersed himself in various socio-political activities and humanitarian works that cater to marginalized group, backward and others. classes, laborers, Dalit

He is actively involved in the social activities which has bestowed him with enormous love, respect and recognition for his meaningful inactivities and selfless acts.


Activities During covids :

Suyash Srivastava, with his powerful lineage, strong background community and dedication of social” activties for needy people has made a mark in the State political Arena.

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