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Changlang: Crackdown on Unapproved Political Meetings

Changlang : Warning Against Unlawful Gatherings

The Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) of Bordumsa Sub Division in Changlang district, Arunachal Pradesh, has issued a stern warning against unauthorized political gatherings, particularly those exploiting unsuspecting citizens, in the lead-up to the state elections slated for 2024. The official prohibitory order emphasizes the illegality of such gatherings without proper authorization and highlights the potential to disrupt public order and tranquility.

Official Prohibitory Order Issued

The official notification (No. B/JUD-09/2017), dated November 17, 2023, serves as a formal decree against individuals conducting political meetings without the requisite permissions. The ADC Bordumsa underlines the legal consequences, citing a violation of Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), and warns of strict actions against those found in breach of the order.

Preventive Measures to Uphold Law and Order

The immediate cause for this administrative action appears to stem from reports of certain individuals misleading innocent citizens for personal political gains. The administration, cognizant of the potential threat to law and order, is taking proactive measures to prevent unauthorized political rallies and gatherings.

Anonymously Cited Instances of Unauthorized Meetings

Official sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, shed light on instances where self-serving individuals were allegedly organizing political events without due permissions. The move by these individuals to conduct mass joining meetings in various villages prompted swift administrative action to curtail such activities.

Disruption of Unauthorized Mass Joining Meetings

A notable incident occurred in Goju village where an unauthorized mass joining meeting was reportedly disrupted by local residents. Subsequently, the event was said to have been relocated to Rajanagar village, transpiring without official permissions. Former MLA Nikh Kamin claimed to have inducted families into his party during this event.

Prompt Administrative Intervention

In response to reports of another mass joining event planned for Gidding village, administrative measures were swiftly employed to thwart the unauthorized gathering. The event was reportedly moved to Assam’s jurisdiction along the banks of the Nao-Dehing River, concluding as a picnic party.

Skepticism Surrounding Mass Joining Events

Amid the flurry of mass joining events, skepticism arises. Advocate N Lowang, chief of the Nocte community in Rajanagar village, dismisses the event in his village as a “bubble with no substance.” According to him, names were read out without the actual presence of family members, casting doubt on the legitimacy of these ceremonies.

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