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Adipurush: Exploring the Cinematic Adaptation of Ramayana in Om Raut’s Vision


Om Raut’s ambitious cinematic venture, “Adipurush,” has garnered significant attention and sparked debates since its release. This article aims to delve into the film’s various aspects, offering a critical analysis of Raut’s interpretation of the timeless epic, Ramayana.

Visual Effects and Cinematic Presentation:

One of the central criticisms surrounding “Adipurush” pertains to its clunky CGI usage. Several scenes in the film suffer from an over-reliance on computer-generated imagery, which has led to an artificial and exaggerated aesthetic. This reliance on visual effects can detract from the authenticity and emotional depth that viewers seek in a retelling of such a revered story.

Narrative and Bollywood Influence:

“Adipurush” also falls under scrutiny for its tendency to embrace Bollywood conventions. The article highlights how the film, at times, prioritizes spectacle and commercial appeal over staying true to the source material. Such a departure from the essence of Ramayana may not resonate with purists who value faithfulness to the original story.

Characterization and Performances:

The performances in “Adipurush” receive mixed reviews. While some actors manage to deliver compelling portrayals, others struggle to bring depth and complexity to their characters. This inconsistency can lead to a disjointed viewing experience, hindering the audience’s connection with the narrative.

Opportunities for Improvement:

Despite its shortcomings, “Adipurush” presents an opportunity for filmmakers to learn from its mistakes and strive for better adaptations of mythological tales. Balancing the utilization of visual effects with practical effects and focusing on nuanced storytelling can contribute to a more engaging cinematic experience.


“Adipurush” attempts to bring the epic tale of Ramayana to the silver screen with a unique vision. However, the film’s heavy reliance on clunky CGI and its occasional surrender to Bollywood sensibilities have drawn criticism. While it is important to recognize the film’s shortcomings, it also serves as a catalyst for discussions on the evolution of mythological storytelling in contemporary cinema.

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