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Adipurush: Lord Hanuman’s Devotion Evident as Over 4.7 Lakh Tickets Sold; Special Arrangements Made for Devotees


The much-anticipated film Adipurush has already witnessed a staggering sale of over 4.7 lakh tickets, showcasing the immense excitement among the audience. In a unique gesture, reserved seats at screenings will feature symbolic items such as flowers, an aasan (seat), and a photograph of Lord Hanuman, reflecting the deep devotion and reverence towards the deity associated with the epic saga.

  1. Overwhelming Response and Ticket Sales: Adipurush, the upcoming film based on the epic Ramayana, has witnessed an overwhelming response from the audience even before its release. The sale of over 4.7 lakh tickets indicates the high anticipation and eagerness surrounding the project. Fans and cinema enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to experiencing this grand cinematic spectacle on the big screen.
  2. Symbolic Representation of Lord Hanuman: In a unique and heartwarming gesture, reserved seats at Adipurush screenings will be adorned with symbolic items representing Lord Hanuman. This includes flowers, an aasan (seat), and a photograph of the deity. This special arrangement pays homage to Lord Hanuman’s significant role in the Ramayana and highlights the deep devotion of the audience towards the revered character.
  3. Cultivating Devotion and Reverence: By incorporating the presence of Lord Hanuman through these symbolic items, the makers of Adipurush aim to create an environment that fosters devotion and reverence among the audience. This unique initiative adds a spiritual dimension to the cinematic experience and serves as a reminder of the values and lessons depicted in the epic tale.
  4. Celebrating Cultural Heritage: Adipurush’s portrayal of characters from the Ramayana and the inclusion of Lord Hanuman’s symbolism also celebrate India’s rich cultural heritage. The film serves as a platform to showcase the nation’s ancient mythology and its enduring impact on people’s lives. Through this cinematic endeavor, the filmmakers and the audience come together to pay homage to these timeless narratives.
  5. Emotional Connect and Audience Engagement: The gesture of placing flowers, an aasan, and a photograph of Lord Hanuman on reserved seats creates an emotional connect between the audience and the film. It elevates the cinematic experience by evoking a sense of spirituality, reinforcing the emotional bond between the characters and the viewers. This initiative further engages the audience in a profound and immersive manner.


The immense ticket sales for Adipurush reflect the high anticipation among audiences for this epic cinematic experience. The inclusion of symbolic items representing Lord Hanuman on reserved seats adds a spiritual dimension to the screenings, emphasizing the deep devotion and reverence associated with the iconic character. As the film takes the audience on a journey through the Ramayana, this unique initiative helps create an emotional connect and highlights India’s rich cultural heritage.

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