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Ani Swmai: Hamjakma Reang’s Debut in the Music Video Scene

Hamjakma Reang, a talented artist hailing from the picturesque state of Tripura, is currently stepping in the realm of Kokborok Entertainment Industry. Pursuing her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication, she has an academic background that includes a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Media, and Political Science.

While her educational journey has been diverse, it’s her passion for music that truly sets her apart. A couple of years ago, Hamjakma Reang ventured into the world of cover songs, showcasing her vocal prowess and love for music. Despite her initial dream of becoming a singer, her journey took an unexpected turn, leading her to explore acting.

In an exclusive interview with Borok Times, Hamjakma shared her unique story. She expressed her initial aspiration to carve a niche for herself in the music industry. However, destiny had other plans, and she found herself drawn to acting.

The exciting news is that Hamjakma Reang is set to make her debut in an upcoming music video produced by Khathansa Production. The song, titled “Ani Swmai,” promises to be a musical delight, and Hamjakma’s involvement adds an intriguing element to the project.

Her versatility, from pursuing academic excellence to showcasing musical talent and now stepping into the world of acting, reflects Hamjakma Reang’s dynamic and multi-faceted personality. As she embarks on this new chapter in her journey, fans and admirers eagerly await the release of “Ani Swmai” to witness her on-screen debut.

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