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ASOS HARSIN from refugee to senior VP

RAA Investments

Asos Harsin, a trailblazer and impact investor, is the co-founder of RAA Investments. Born and raised in Kurdistan, Harsin’s journey to success began amidst challenging circumstances when his family sought refuge in the Netherlands. Breaking away from the traditional career paths suggested by his parents, Harsin discovered his true calling in the non-traditional arena of network marketing. Through perseverance and determination, he embarked on a transformative journey that led him to co-found RAA Investments, a firm dedicated to empowering businesses and individuals through capital, solutions, and opportunities in sectors that resonate with his core beliefs: sustainability, real estate, and education.

The ACN Venture:
Harsin’s first taste of entrepreneurial success came through his leadership in ACN, a network marketing company. Despite encountering numerous hurdles, Harsin’s leadership propelled ACN to unprecedented heights, generating revenues exceeding $200 million. This experience not only facilitated his professional growth but also allowed him to connect with some of the brightest minds in the business world.

Co-founding RAA Investments:
Building upon the success achieved with ACN and fueled by an insatiable drive for new challenges, Harsin co-founded RAA Investments. The core principles guiding RAA Investments are rooted in ethical practices, the generation of stakeholder value, and a commitment to effect positive global change. Harsin and his partners at RAA Investments possess a genuine passion for the sectors they invest in, reflecting their dedication to making a meaningful impact on society and the environment.

A Focus on Sustainability, Real Estate, and Education:
RAA Investments differentiates itself by prioritizing industries that align with its core values and have the potential to drive positive change. Sustainability, real estate, and education form the pillars of RAA Investments’ investment focus. Through these sectors, Harsin aims to contribute to the creation of a sustainable future, empower individuals through education, and support companies that are actively working towards environmental preservation.

Long-Term Partnerships and Innovation:
RAA Investments stands out within the industry by championing the cultivation of transparent and dependable long-term partnerships. The firm is committed to delivering unparalleled value to its partners through innovative approaches and strategies. Harsin’s dedication to exceeding expectations in every endeavor reflects his commitment to effecting positive change and driving success.

Creating Positive Impact:
What sets Harsin apart from others in his industry is his unwavering passion for creating a positive impact on both individuals and the environment. Beyond mere profitability, his focus lies in fostering thriving and sustainable environments, empowering individuals and societies through education, and supporting businesses that drive positive environmental impact and social equity. Harsin’s unique approach to investment demonstrates his commitment to igniting change and driving success in every aspect of his work.

Asos Harsin, a trailblazer and impact investor, has forged a path of success through his transformative journey. Co-founding RAA Investments, Harsin has made it his mission to empower businesses and individuals, promote ethical operations, and effect positive global change. By prioritizing sectors such as sustainability, real estate, and education, Harsin is working towards creating a sustainable future, empowering individuals, and supporting businesses that are making a significant difference. With his commitment to transparency, innovation, and social well-being, Harsin stands as a beacon of inspiration, investing in projects of profound significance and nurturing thriving businesses that contribute positively to the world.

To gain further insights into Asos Harsin’s endeavors and follow his journey, interested individuals can connect with him on social media platforms . Additionally, his comprehensive portfolio of business ventures can be explored on his websites :


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