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Assam Bank Officials Suspended for Money Laundering Allegations


Two bank officials in Assam, identified as Prashanta Bora, the branch manager, and Priyangshu Pallab Gogoi, the assistant manager, have been suspended for their alleged involvement in money laundering. The suspension comes as a response to accusations of orchestrating financial fraud. The bank authorities have initiated an internal investigation to delve into the matter and ascertain the extent of the alleged wrongdoing.

The decision to suspend the two officials was prompted by preliminary findings indicating discrepancies in financial transactions and suspicious activities within the bank branch. Concerns were raised regarding the handling of funds and the potential misuse of banking resources for illicit purposes. As a precautionary measure, the bank management took swift action to suspend the implicated individuals pending further investigation.

Prashanta Bora and Priyangshu Pallab Gogoi, both entrusted with significant responsibilities within the bank, are now under scrutiny as authorities delve deeper into the alleged money laundering scheme. The investigation aims to uncover any potential collusion or individual misconduct that may have contributed to the financial irregularities observed within the bank.

The suspension of the two bank officials underscores the seriousness with which financial institutions address allegations of misconduct and financial impropriety. It reflects a commitment to upholding transparency, integrity, and accountability in the banking sector, ensuring the protection of customers’ interests and the integrity of the financial system.

Meanwhile, authorities are urging members of the public to come forward with any relevant information or evidence that could aid in the ongoing investigation. The cooperation of stakeholders, including bank employees, customers, and regulatory authorities, is crucial in ensuring a thorough and impartial inquiry into the matter.

As the investigation progresses, the bank management is expected to take further actions based on the findings and recommendations of the internal probe. The outcome of the investigation will determine the next steps to be taken, including potential disciplinary measures or legal proceedings against the individuals involved.

In light of the suspension of the two bank officials and the ongoing investigation, the bank has assured its customers of continued vigilance and adherence to regulatory standards to maintain the trust and confidence of depositors and stakeholders.

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