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Assam CM: High Population is a ‘Disease’ Affecting State’s Performance

In a candid address to the Assam assembly, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma labeled the high population in the state as a ‘disease,’ asserting its adverse impact on various parameters. Responding to Congress MLA Bharat Chandra Narah’s query about the low gross enrolment ratio (GER) in Assam, Sarma acknowledged the population burden affecting overall performance.

Population’s Impact on State Performance

Sarma emphasized the correlation between population and performance, especially in the context of students, as it determines the percentage. The Chief Minister noted that addressing the ‘disease’ of a high population is essential to improve the state’s standing in various aspects.

Congress MLA Bharat Chandra Narah highlighted the disparity in the gross enrolment ratio, citing recent survey findings. According to Narah, Assam’s GER is 16.9 percent, significantly lower than the national average of 27.1 percent. He pointed out that several other Northeast states exhibit better percentages, with some surpassing the national average.

Sharma’s Call to Address the Root Cause

Asserting the need to address the root cause rather than symptoms, Sarma underscored that the ‘disease’ of high population poses a challenge that requires strategic measures for improvement.

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