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Assam: Experts Anticipate Tourism Impact Following Elephant Safari Ban at Kaziranga Park

GUWAHATI: The experts said on Saturday that the decision to halt Elephant-Safari at Kaziranga must be reviewed by the authorities as it might affect the Tourism industry of Assam .

” The well liked Elephant Safari at Kaziranga National Park must be reviewed because it is the main tourist attraction.” Experts stated this evening to Borok Times  .

As per reports , the most popular Kaziranga National Park in Assam has decided to permanently halt its  elephant safari which was mostly linked by the tourists .

 This hard decision was made in direct reaction to a recent order from the Assam Forest Department, which requires that one seat on each elephant be reserved for forest department employees only.

According to the available information, the national park authorities have voiced their strong opposition to this instruction, noting it as impractical . 

They are currently looking for a solution, which may involve temporarily closing the popular safari experience.

Authorities at Kaziranga National Park are not thrilled about a regulation issued by the Assam Forest Department to provide a reserved seat for forest personnel during elephant tours. They contend that the implementation of a reservation of this kind is not practical from a logistical standpoint, and as a result, they have decided to put an end to the elephant safari until a compromise is reached.

The national park authorities have disputed the directive. It highlights the significance of a separate seat on elephants’ backs for security reasons. They have emphasised the impracticality of this rule, adding that it will interfere with the safari’s regular operations and jeopardise visitors’ and the animals’ overall enjoyment of the event.

The national park administrators reported an uncomfortable meeting with the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO). It was during conversations over the reserved seat issue which further complicated the already complex situation.

The popular elephant safari is closing. This has further strained relations between the forest department and park authorities.

It has been agreed that the abrupt cancellation of the elephant safari is “unfortunate” for the tourists who were hoping to visit Kaziranga National Park. Due to the temporary closure of this popular attraction, tourists will be denied the exceptional chance to witness the park from the perspective of elephants—an experience that has come to symbolise the vast biodiversity and cultural value of Kaziranga.

An act of symbolic protest against the unworkable reservation directive is the elephant safari’s closure. To find a solution that satisfies both groups’ concerns, the national park administrators are recommending a positive conversation.

The future of one of India’s most renowned wildlife encounters is uncertain until a resolution is achieved. So, all we can do is wait patiently for any good news.

It may be mentioned here that the state government earns a good revenue throughout the year from Kaziranga National Park located in upper Assam through tourism as tourist from across the world arrive here every year. 

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