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Assam’s Tragedy: Wild Elephant Fatally Struck by Train in Jorhat

In a tragic incident late Saturday night, a wild elephant met a fatal end after being struck by the Down Vivek Express train in Assam’s Jorhat district. The unfortunate incident occurred near Bhelaguri Tea Estate in the Mariani area, close to the Baidiha camp.

Perilous Railway Stretch Claims Another Elephant Life

This particular stretch of the railway track has proven perilous for elephants, marking the third such incident in the last year where wild elephants lost their lives due to collisions with trains.

Alarming Elephant Casualties on Railway Tracks

Last year, three wild elephants fell victim to train collisions on this stretch, raising concerns about the safety of these majestic animals navigating the railway zones.

In a separate incident in Borkhola, Boko, a 55-year-old man lost his life in a tragic encounter with a wild tusker. Another individual, approximately 40 years old, sustained severe injuries and was subsequently referred to Gauhati Medical College Hospital (GMCH) for urgent medical treatment.

Prohibitory Orders Issued Amidst Elephant Presence

Adding to the region’s challenges, the Nalbari district administration took preventive measures on Saturday. Prohibitory orders were issued in the Ghograpar area as a herd of wild elephants ventured into village areas in search of food.

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