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Bangladesh Inaugurates Parasuram-Belonia Land Port, Aiding Cross-Border Trade and Connectivity

Bangladesh has officially inaugurated the Parasuram-Belonia land port, marking a significant milestone in cross-border trade and connectivity between Bangladesh and India. While the construction work on the Indian side is yet to commence, the inauguration ceremony on the Bangladeshi side was attended by Water Transport Minister Khalid Mahamud Choudhury and other dignitaries.

During an interaction with reporters, Minister Choudhury highlighted the ongoing railway projects, including the reopening of the Fenny-Belonia railway line, which is expected to be completed soon. Once operational, the Fenny-Belonia railway line will facilitate trade between the Bangabandhu Industrial Park in Bangladesh and the eastern states of India.

In a public meeting, the minister emphasized that the reopening of the railway line would not only boost trade and commerce but also enhance people-to-people contact between the two countries. The improved connectivity is expected to contribute significantly to the overall development of the region.

The Belonia land port, fully funded by Bangladesh, incurred a cost of 38 crore and 64 lakh Taka. The port plays a crucial role in facilitating various imports from India, including domestic cattle, fishlings, fruits, seeds, wheat, stones and stone chips, coal, timber, onions, chilies, and ginger.

The inauguration of the Parasuram-Belonia land port signifies the commitment of Bangladesh to enhance trade and connectivity with India. It opens up new opportunities for economic cooperation and strengthens bilateral relations between the two neighboring countries.

The establishment of the land port is expected to streamline cross-border trade, reducing logistical challenges and improving efficiency. The enhanced connectivity will benefit businesses on both sides of the border, providing them with easier access to markets and enabling the exchange of goods and services.

With the construction work on the Indian side of the land port yet to commence, it is anticipated that both countries will collaborate closely to ensure the timely completion of the project. Cooperation and coordination between Bangladesh and India will be crucial in leveraging the full potential of the Parasuram-Belonia land port and realizing the shared goal of fostering economic growth and development in the region.

In addition to the land port, the reopening of the Fenny-Belonia railway line holds immense promise for promoting trade and people-to-people contact between Bangladesh and India’s eastern states. The railway project will play a pivotal role in expanding connectivity and creating new avenues for economic cooperation.

Once operational, the railway line will facilitate the movement of goods and passengers, enhancing trade ties and fostering cultural exchange between the two nations. It will provide businesses in the Bangabandhu Industrial Park with access to a larger consumer base in India, stimulating economic growth and creating employment opportunities.

Furthermore, the reopening of the railway line will strengthen the bonds between the people of Bangladesh and India, promoting cultural understanding and fostering closer ties. Increased people-to-people contact will pave the way for collaboration in various sectors, including education, tourism, and healthcare, contributing to the overall development of the region.

The inauguration of the Parasuram-Belonia land port and the progress made in railway projects reflect the commitment of Bangladesh to bolster trade and connectivity with India. These initiatives not only hold economic significance but also contribute to the shared vision of regional development and integration.

As Bangladesh continues to invest in infrastructure development and explore avenues for cross-border cooperation, it sets a positive example for other nations in the region. The successful implementation of the land port and railway projects will serve as a testament to the potential of regional cooperation and pave the way for enhanced economic growth, increased trade, and strengthened ties between Bangladesh and India.

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