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Basanti Puja is Going on in Durgabari

Today on the Maha Saptami Tithi of Basanti Puja, Puja is held in full splendor at Durgabari in the capital Agartala city. The gathering of devotees was remarkable. Durga Puja is one of the main festivals of Hindus and Bengalis While Durga Puja is celebrated in the month of Ashwin, the Puja of Kal is in the month of Chaitra.

This Puja of Chaitra month is known as Basanti Puja Basanti Puja is celebrated in the Durga House of the capital Agartala this year like other years in a very grand and religious atmosphere. Tuesday was Mahasaptami. On this day Mahasaptami Tithi, the presence of many devotees was observed at Durgabari Mandap. The priest said that this traditional puja is being held at Durga House this year like every year. The puja officially begins with Bodhan on Monday Many devotees gather today on Mahasaptami Tithi Wednesday Maha Ashtami. This Basanti Puja of Chaitra month is being held not only at Durga House but also in various clubs of the state along with the Durg Puja of Ashwin month. Basanti Puja is conducted by women in most of the clubs No shortage was observed anywhere in the center of Basanti Puja Basanti Puja is going on as usual.

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