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Being recognized is more difficult than being identified – The Story of Shekar Ayan Verma

We’ve all known the names of famous actors and actresses. We’ve heard about them time and again. Behind their success lies their enormous struggle which goes unnoticed and  most of us are unaware of how they failed before they succeeded. Personal struggles are not taken into account before their success in the entertainment Industry.We have such actors in our Tollywood too, despite their consistent efforts, they are still waiting for one big hit and public recognition for their efforts.

One such actor is Shekar Ayan Verma, like any other actor, who left his hometown Gollapalem, Kakinada with passion for cinema and dreams of becoming a star actor in the year 2008. It’s been 15 years since he started his acting career but still striving for recognition despite his consistent efforts. He faced a lot of obstacles throughout his journey. There were movies that he got an opportunity to work in but were not released due to various reasons.

The first ever release :

After his consistent struggle of 7 years Shekar Ayan Verma got his first movie release with the movie NENU NA PREMA KATHA in the year 2015. Which did not perform well at the box office.The next film Angulika also disappointed his expectations.

Work with Nandamuri Balakrishna

Even though the films haven’t gifted him for his hard work and effort he kept trying and eagerly waited for one chance that would help him prove his talent and work. For his long wait the opportunity to work in the film Jai Simha, as antagonist opposite Nandamuri Balakrishna, which he says was a golden opportunity and he has given his best in the film. He hoped the film would give him the name and fame which he has been awaiting for. Though the film turned out good his work was unidentified.

Applauds for his work in Sree Ramudi Inta Srikrishnudu Anta

Sree Ramudi Inta Srikrishnudu Anta had theatrical release in 2017. Later on the film was released on Youtube which received over 5 million YouTube views and got appreciation from the public. This gave him a boost , his perseverance helped and that the public would recognise talent and hardwork.Later Nivasi was released and hoped that he would get commercial break but it had a mixed response from the audience


Shekar Ayan Verma has a slate of films scheduled for release in 2023. He will appear in Kalayanamasthu, directed by Sai garu. The music and songs are excellent, and the song Mukkpudaka has received over a million views on YouTube. The film will be released theatrically in summer 2023. There is speculation that he will appear in Kalayamudu alongside Rangasthalam star Anasuya Bhardwaj. Two other projects are currently in post-production.Let’s hope that his upcoming projects would in this new year bring him success and fame in his acting career. And his long wait for commercial success would end.

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