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Bharat Ratna Sangha’s Puja Pandal Theme Based on Meenakshi Devi Temple

To visit the iconic Meenakshi Devi in Madurai is a dream of many devotees from Tripura, which going to become true this year. The Agartala city’s Bharat Ratna Sangha has based their Pooja pandal theme on the Meenakshi Devi temple.

As Durga Puja is on the corner the north eastern state is all set to welcome Maa Durga, preparations are underway on a war footing with workers working overnight to give the marquee a final shape.

Bharat Ratna Sangha is known for its grand arrangements during Durga Puja. This year, too, the organizers working day and night to ensure that the devotees enjoy the festivities on a grand scale.

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“This year, the total budget of the Durga Puja pandal is Rs 35 lakhs. Like every year, the idol was made by clay artisan Jayanta Datta who is a resident of Agartala’s Jaynagar area. The pandal design has been done by renowned artist Manik Paul from Nabadwip”,Chairman of the Durga Puja advisory committee for the club, Krishnapada Sarkar, said.

Further Krishnapada added, “For the last two years, we could not organize our Puja with desired grandeur due to the Covid pandemic and its restrictions. The third wave may have passed, but still, we are taking all the precautions from our end.”

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