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BJP’s Pradesh Yuva Morcha Initiative Distributed Sarbat to Street Traders and Pedestrians

On Thursday, BJP’s Pradesh Yuva Morcha initiative distributed sarbat to street traders and pedestrians. Yuva Morcha Vice President Vicky Prasad, Agartala Pur Nigam Mayor Deepak Majumder and others were present. Mayor Deepak Majumdar said that such initiatives have been taken to give some relief to people amid the unusual temperature.

The mayor said that such initiatives will continue in this situation. The mercury in temperature is steadily rising. There is no chance of rain for now People’s lives have become endangered in extreme heat. The most complex problem is faced by the people who work as day laborers. They are forced to go out in search of work despite the intense pressure, Because if they don’t work, their heat won’t burn Family members will be forced to starve. Many have started falling ill while working in the hot sun at the risk of their lives. There is even a possibility of death from sunstroke. Doctors have already warned that no one should go out of the house except for special needs in this severe outbreak.

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