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Blood Donation Camp Held at Central Road Shibbari

There is a shortage of blood in the blood banks of the state. The health department has called upon everyone to come forward to donate blood. In response to this call and as a part of the annual programme, a blood donation camp was held on Sunday at the Central Road Shibbari. A huge enthusiasm was observed among people from all sections, including religious people, around blood donation camps.

A blood donation camp was organized on Sunday as part of the annual Bhagwati Mahasammelan of Haribhakti Prakani sabha at Shibbari premises on Central Road. The blood donation camp was attended by MLA Ramprasad Pal, Nityalila Prabhishtha Prabhupada Madan Gopal Goswami, one of the stalwarts of Haribhakti Prachani Sabha, Prabhupada’s two sons Nritya Gopal Goswami and Prem Gopal Goswami, Secretary of Haribhakti Prachanani Sabha Sushil Kumar Saha and others.

Religion is not limited to taking God’s name Religion is about all ways of doing things God is present in all Therefore, MLA Ramprasad Pal urged to observe religion through social work without limiting it to the name of God.

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