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Central Govt: Rs 81 Crore for Solar Micro Grids in Tripura

In a significant development, the central government has approved a fund of Rs 81 crore for the establishment of solar micro grids in Tripura. This initiative aims to bring electricity to over 9000 houses in the state’s remote regions.

Illuminating Tribal Hamlets

The plan includes the installation of 274 solar micro grids in tribal hamlets situated in Dhalai, Unakoti, and South, West, and North Tripura districts. The focus is on harnessing power through non-conventional sources, addressing the energy needs of these remote areas.

Funding Source

The Ministry of Development of Northeast Region (DoNER) has sanctioned the amount of Rs 81 crore for this ambitious project. This funding underscores the government’s commitment to promoting sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

Varied Capacities for Diverse Needs

Each solar micro grid is designed with an installed capacity ranging from 2 KW to 25 KW. The capacity is tailored to the specific population size of a given area, ensuring an optimal and efficient power supply.

This initiative not only addresses the immediate need for electricity in these underserved regions but also aligns with the broader national goal of promoting clean energy and reducing dependence on conventional power sources.

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