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Congress Leader K Therie Questions Christian Support for BJP Government in Nagaland

Nagaland welcomes the New Year 2024, K Therie, a prominent Congress leader and former Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee president, has cast doubt on whether the Christian community in Nagaland should continue supporting the BJP government at the Centre.

Concerns Over Changing Dynamics in India

In his New Year greetings, Therie expresses concerns about India’s evolving identity, asserting a shift towards a Hindu state. He notes the removal of socialist and secular principles from the Indian Constitution. According to him, religious projects are now presented as national programs, financed by taxpayers’ money.

Allegations of Religious Divide and Threats to Christians

Therie contends that Christians in the so-called cow belts (regions where cattle farming is prevalent) no longer feel safe identifying themselves as Christians. He connects the Kuki-Zo issue in Manipur to the broader goal of eliminating Christianity in the nation, specifically targeting the Northeast. According to Therie, the RSS/BJP has strategically chosen Manipur due to the dominant Hindu population among the Meiteis.

Manipur Situation and Accusations Against the BJP Government

The former Nagaland minister accuses the BJP government in Manipur of allowing Meitei organizations, Arambai Teggol and Meitei Leepu, to acquire a significant arsenal. He claims that this move is part of a plan to eradicate Christians, citing the destruction of villages and churches. Therie alleges that the Prime Minister has shown little concern, portraying him as modern Nebuchadnezzar.

Urging Christians to Reevaluate Support

K Therie’s remarks raise essential questions for the Christian community in Nagaland, prompting reflection on their ongoing support for the BJP government at the Centre. As political and religious dynamics evolve, his statements highlight the perceived threats and concerns faced by Christians in certain regions.

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