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Congress Satyagraha in Agartala to Protest the Rejection of Rahul Gandhi’s MP Post

A dharna was organized at the foot of the Gandhi statue at the Circuit House on the initiative of the Pradesh Congress to protest against the rejection of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s MP post. Former MLA Ashish Kumar Saha and others were present. The presence of Congress workers and supporters in the Gandharna program was noticeable. Former MLA Ashish Kumar Saha said there is a deep conspiracy against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi’s MP post has been rejected to defeat the country’s democratic power. Trying to stop Rahul Gandhi’s democratic protests Rahul Gandhi wanted to talk about the corruption of the country’s government in Parliament. So to stop him, his MP was dismissed National Congress has joined the satyagraha movement across the country on Sunday.

Protest demonstrations and satyagraha movements were organized by the state and the Congress as part of the All India Movement programme. Former MLA Ashish Kumar Saha has said that the Congress party will join a larger movement across the country if Rahul Gandhi is not given due respect by returning him as an MP immediately. Alleging that Rahul Gandhi has been dismissed as an MP in an undemocratic way in a false case, the democracy-loving people of the country will not accept it. He mentioned that all the opposition parties of the country will join the united struggle against this.

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