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Cyber Youth, India Collaborates with World Trade Solutions (UK), a Multinational firm to create the next generation of Proprietary Algorithms and disruptive technologies

 “Achieving milestones is not the end goal; it’s just the beginning of a greater purpose.”

Cyber Youth,  a Premier Google Partner company in India that has captured headlines with its recent collaboration with World Trade Solutions, UK , the MNC  to work on the latest generation of disruptive technologies. This collaboration aims to magnify the prospects in the Fintech , Property & Real Estate market, targeting at least 10 times ROI and creating around 100000 job opportunities globally.

Cyber Youth is a technology company headquartered in foothills of Himalayan town Dehradun India that specializes in digital product engineering. It focuses on developing innovative technology solutions that help businesses and individuals stay ahead in an increasingly digital world.

 Its services include the development of software products, Proprietary Algorithms,  mobile app development, and the creation of custom digital solutions . 

Cyber Youth India has entered into a strategic alliance with World Trade Solutions, a major international corporation for a disruptive technology model. The partnership, which will be executed under a non-disclosure agreement, aims to bring a new level of innovation to the industry and create a solution that will change the landscape of technology.

Cyber Youth India has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions that have transformed the way businesses operate, and this partnership will provide the company with the resources and expertise to take its innovation to the next level. The collaboration with the World Trade Solutions will allow Cyber Youth India to combine its cutting-edge technology with the Multinational firm’s extensive experience in product development and global distribution.

“We are thrilled to be working with such a highly respected Multinational corporation,” said Ankit Sharma, CEO of Cyber Youth India. “Their expertise and resources will help us take our technology to new heights and deliver solutions that will disrupt the industry. In the initial phase our focus is on the Proprietary Algorithms FinTech and Real Estate Markets.”

According to the Big Four (PWC, EY, KPMG & Deloitte ) latest predictions and reports on the digital investment market is set to be worth $14.3 bn by 2025, growing from $6.4 bn in 2021 at a 5-year CAGR of 22.4%  The India real estate market is expected to exhibit a growth rate (CAGR) of 9.2% during 2023-2028. Also major tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Apple and Meta have predicted India’s exponential growth in technology-related economic development, which will grow to become a $10 trillion economy in just a few years. Real estate sector in India is expected to reach US$ 1 trillion in market size by 2030, up from US$ 200 billion in 2021 and contribute 13% to the country’s GDP. Their prediction is based on the fact that many industries are at the cusp of technological advancements that will help them reach new heights. For instance, fintech, agriculture property and real estate will be the top beneficiaries of this development.

The disruptive technology model will leverage the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data to create Proprietary Algorithms that will change the way businesses operate. The technology will be designed to automate complex tasks, streamline operations, and provide real-time insights that will enable companies to make data-driven decisions.

 1.5 million USD (Approx 12 crore in Indian rupees) MOU has been executed between both Companies as SAAS Licensing for Proprietary Algorithms and other disruptive technologies, as disclosed by the senior official Carolina Fabara

Along with Cyber youth , labour youth a Social wing of the company commits to provide free training 10000 unskilled people to Semi skilled to enhance there socioeconomic conditions of the local communities also uplifting there hygiene, health & housing, Ankit Sharma said to TOI.

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