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Dengue Wreaks Havoc in Assam and Manipur 700 Cases and 7 Deaths

With the change of season, diseases have started spreading. More than 700 cases of dengue have been reported in Assam and Manipur and 7 people have died. Assam has the highest number of cases and 4 deaths in the hilly district Karbi Anglong. Manipur has the highest number of cases and deaths in 12 of the state’s 16 districts.

According to the state health department, 375 cases of dengue have been detected in Manipur so far, which is the highest after 359 cases were reported in 2019. This year the disease has claimed 3 lives in the state and 5 people are being treated in hospitals.

State Health Department’s Malaria Officer Dr. AR Chishti said that after being detected in early June this year, these cases were reported in 12 districts. However, there is nothing to panic as the state health authority is taking all possible measures to control the disease.

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