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DJ Sohel Y.T: A Rising Star Blending Music and Social Impact

DJ Sohel Y.T, born in the serene landscapes of West Bengal (India) on July 10, 2000, has carved a unique path in the music industry. By 24, this DJ, music distributor, and content creator has captivated audiences globally with his artistic expression and passion for music.

Growing up in a small town exposed Sohel to the rich tapestry of Indian music, from folk beats to Bollywood melodies. This early exposure ignited a deep love for music, setting him on a path of artistic exploration.

Sohel’s journey began with creating DJ remixes, blending sounds to create captivating compositions. However, a transformative moment led him to redefine himself. He transitioned from “DJ Sohel Y.T” to “The Voice of Sohel,” a shift documented on his YouTube and Facebook pages. This metamorphosis symbolizes his evolution as an artist, seeking a deeper connection with his audience.

Sohel’s ambitions extend beyond music. He aspires to be a prominent content creator. His “Voice of Sohel” YouTube channel showcases his diverse talents, from music production to vlogs and creative storytelling. He aims to connect with audiences on a deeper level, inspiring and entertaining them.

Sohel recognizes the power of music for social change. He believes art can be transformative and uses his platform to advocate for positive change. Whether through thought-provoking lyrics or socially conscious themes, he strives to spark conversations and make a difference.

Sohel leverages social media’s reach to amplify his message. He uses this platform to spread positivity and inspiration, one beat at a time.


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Mobile 8250063368

Address: Islam pur Murshidabad West Bengal 742304

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