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Drugs Worth Lakhs of Rupees Smuggled into Bangladesh Without Approval

By evading GST, a group of illegal traders are staying in the heart of the capital and doing business worth millions of rupees overnight. Agartala city became the main workplace of all these traders.

There are reports that some of these traders are smuggling medicine to Bangladesh in a completely crooked way. They do not have valid authorization to supply in Bangladesh. They are running business without valid documents.

In this case, the borders of different areas of the states are used region The business is regulated in several districts bordering the state from Agartala. All these unscrupulous business establishments are meeting their targets by staying in the heart of the capital all year round due to their departmental offices or roles. Their bank balance is skyrocketing day by day. The deputy drug controller office of Gorkha Basti has recently broken sleep after a strong complaint against one of these business establishments.

An investigation has been launched against a wholesale medicine shop in Battala for allegedly supplying drugs illegally in Bangladesh, not being able to show any valid documents for the sale of drugs.

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