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Durg – CG |  “Rishabh Builders is creating sweetness in relationships, and the foundation of trust – with Patangotav”

Based on this fact, from the foundation of the event to the sky-high Gujarati kite, the grand kite festival won the hearts of the city dwellers, for the first time in Chhattisgarh, this kind of event, ‘Ek Pech Ho Jaye’

Rishabh Builders once again gave wings to the spirit of doing something new for the residents of the city, on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, on 15 January 2023, “Patangotsav – Ek Pech Ho Jaye” was celebrated with the residents of the city, Soham, on the banks of the Shivnath river, In this program organized in Durg, various special activities were organized for the celebration and entertainment of the residents of the city.

The buzz of “Aajao Saare Shivnath Kinaare, Gujraat ke patango se Ek Pech ho jaaye.” echoed loudly on social media across the city, with influencers from Bhilai-Durg taking part in it. For the purpose of giving a new and modern experience to the city, in this program, the kites of Gujarat, which are flown in high wind conditions or can be said that they are flown only in coastal areas or hilly areas, but still by calling them in the event, the city Gave the residents an experience, which was enjoyed by the people, as well as the 12-12 feet local Chhattisgarhi puppets enthralled the people, the opportunity to fly the kites flown in childhood again, got to see the joy and brightness of being children once again with their children, Childhood cherished smile on the faces of the people is the introduction of the success of the program.

The program included entertainment like Hot Air Balloon, Live Band Performance, 12 Feet Kathputli Dance, Punjabi Dhol, Lohri Celebration, Speed Painting, Food Zone, Kids Zone along with delicious food from Chocolate Story. People participated in which along with Durg, Bhilai, Raipur, Rajnandgaon, Balod, Bilaspur and people from different provinces of Chhattisgarh participated.

Durg City MLA Honorable Arun Vora, Mayor Dheeraj Bakliwal ji also stayed in the festival for a long time, he appreciated the outline of the project of Soham Durg First Smart City, Rishabh’s work style, and presented his expression by taking interest in the whole event. Also encouraged to organize more such programs in future.

CSPs (IPS) of Durg and Bhilai also appreciated the program by flying kites and enjoying. The entire Rishabh team and Ajay Ratre, Dsigno – Design Anything (Founder) and his team played a commendable and active role in this event, which was operated under the direction of Abhilesh Kataria (COO) Rishabh Builders. Pritesh Kataria (CEO) Rishabh Builders, Rishabh Kataria (Director) Rishabh Builders also provided special guidance in the successful conduct of the event.

The live speed painting of Rishabh Builder’s founder Basant Kataria ji was made by Bhilai’s own young painter Vishal with musical band performance, which was the center of morale and enthusiasm of the team, due to which the program ended in the evening by lighting many sky lanterns. was done. This festival will definitely inspire people to organize new events in future.

The Rishabh family and the Dsigno – Design Anything team express their thanks to all the residents of Chhattisgarh who came to the event and showed their trust and love towards the event. Thank you

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