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Empowering Agriculture in Tripura: Government Initiatives and Farmer Welfare

In a significant step towards bolstering the agricultural sector in Tripura, Agriculture Minister Ratanlal Nath emphasized the pivotal role of farmers in the state’s economic growth. Speaking at the inauguration of the new Agri sub-divisional office at Belbari in West Tripura district, Nath highlighted the government’s dedicated efforts towards the welfare of farmers and the overall development of agriculture.

According to Nath, the state government is strategically planning to establish Agri sub-division offices at every block, ensuring a more localized and accessible approach to agricultural support. He underscored the non-partisan nature of the government’s initiatives, aiming to extend the benefits of various schemes to the grassroots level.

Nath proudly asserted that the farmers’ income in the state has witnessed a notable increase, attributing this positive trend to the government’s persistent efforts. Minister for Tourism Sushanta Chowdhury echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the government’s commitment to delivering the benefits of various schemes to all eligible beneficiaries.

Chowdhury shed light on the state’s proactive measures, including the direct procurement of paddy from farmers at the minimum support price twice a year. This initiative ensures that farmers receive the deserved benefits, contributing to the overall upliftment of the agricultural community.

The inaugural ceremony, graced by MLA Biswajit Kalai, MLA Swapna Debnath, MDC Ganesh Debbarma, Secretary of Agriculture Apurba Roy, Director Saradindu Das, and Belbari BAC Chairman Roken Debbarma, witnessed the inspection of the new office. Additionally, various agricultural equipment were handed over to local farmers, symbolizing the government’s tangible support towards enhancing agricultural practices.

As Tripura strides towards a future of sustainable agriculture and economic prosperity, these initiatives underscore the government’s commitment to empowering farmers and fostering growth in the agricultural sector. Through concerted efforts and strategic planning, Tripura aims to set a benchmark for inclusive and sustainable agricultural development.

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