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Entering The New Era : Before Ramlalla and After Ramlalla. Jagadguru Dr Rajeev Menon hails “ Modiji’s New India In Historic Ram Mandir Inauguration

In the historic moment for the entire India, JagadguruDr. Rajeev Menon, the National President of Sanatana Dharma Parishad, addressed the media at Ayodhya, expressing profound significance in the inauguration of the Ram Mandir. Dr Menon describes it as an auspicious moment that alters the course of history and asserted that the era can now be categorized as ‘Before Ramlalla’ and ‘After Ramlalla.’

Jagadgur Dr Rajeev Menon, the National President highlighted the transformative impact of this event, declaring the post-Ramlalla period as “Modiji’s New India.” He emphasized that Prime Minister Modi is bringing the nation towards becoming the world’s foremost country and the “Jagatguru”, evoking a sense of pride among every Indians.

Drawing an analogy between Modi and the living embodiment of Lord Rama, Jagadguru Dr. Rajeev Menon proclaimed Modi as the true messenger of Sanatana Dharma. According to him, Modi’s leadership evokes the essence of the ancient wisdom, marking a significant shift in the nation’s destiny.jagadguru Dr Menon encouraged citizens to embrace this new chapter with enthusiasm, anticipating a future where India stands tall as a global leader under the visionary guidance of Prime Minister Modi.

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