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Family critically ill after consuming poisonous mushrooms from the Forest: Baby Girl’s Health in critical condition

A family in Charilam, Dhariathal village area is fighting for their lives after consuming poisonous mushrooms they collected from the forest. The incident left the family members, including a baby girl named Angelina Debbarma, critically ill.

According to Doctor Riya, who was on duty at Bishramganj Hospital, the patients were brought in three hours after consuming the mushrooms. They complained of loose motion, head spinning, and vomiting. The doctor provided first aid and injection for vomiting, but five of them had to be referred to AGMC for further treatment.

The incident highlights the dangers of consuming wild mushrooms without proper knowledge or identification. Many poisonous mushrooms can closely resemble edible ones, leading to accidental ingestion and severe illness.

Experts advise against consuming wild mushrooms unless you have extensive knowledge and experience in identifying them. It is safer to buy mushrooms from a reputable source or grow them yourself under controlled conditions.

The family’s unfortunate experience serves as a reminder to always be cautious when foraging wild foods and to seek immediate medical attention if you suspect poisoning.

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