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Foreign Coach Elevates Assam’s Lawn Bowls at National Games


In a game predominantly guided by local expertise, the presence of the only foreign coach in Lawn Bowls has proven to be a game-changer for Assam in the National Games. The strategic insights and training methods introduced by the foreign coach have significantly bolstered Assam’s performance, providing them with a competitive edge in the national event.

Lawn Bowls, a sport deeply rooted in traditional techniques, received a modern twist with the arrival of the foreign coach. His unique approach to training and tactical guidance has not only improved the skills of the Assam players but also instilled a new level of confidence among the team.

The coach, hailing from Malaysia, brought a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the team. His methods have reshaped the way players approach the game, focusing on precision, strategy, and mental preparedness.

This influence has been particularly evident in the ongoing National Games, where Assam’s players have demonstrated a remarkable improvement in their gameplay. They have shown a better understanding of the technical aspects and have honed their skills, displaying more accuracy and consistency in their shots.

More About Players

Players have attested to the immense impact of the foreign coach’s guidance. “The coach’s training sessions and advice have been invaluable. We’ve learned new techniques and strategies that have greatly enhanced our performance,” stated one of the players, expressing gratitude for the mentorship.

The influence of the foreign coach has not only refined the players’ individual skills but has also contributed to a more cohesive and strategic team dynamic. Also, Assam’s Lawn Bowls contingent has embraced the amalgamation of traditional and modern techniques, leading to a more competitive and formidable presence at the National Games.

His role goes beyond the technical aspects; the coach has been a source of motivation, inspiring the players to push their limits and approach the game with a renewed sense of determination.

As the National Games progress, the impact of the foreign coach on Assam’s Lawn Bowls team stands as a testament to the significance of outside expertise in enhancing the competitive spirit and performance of local athletes, paving the way for a potential victory in the tournament.

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