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Former CM Of Tripura Biplab Deb’s Ancestral Home Set On Fire

The former Chief Minister of Tripura, Biplab Deb’s ancestral home, got attacked by fire in Rajdhanagar. The attack took place on Tuesday. It all happened when a group of priests came to Biplab Deb’s residence to perform rituals. The group of priests came to the Bharatiya Janta Party’s Rajya Sabha MP’s residence in Rajdhanagar in the Jamuri area of Tripura.

There they were supposed to perform Yajna in the annual Shraddha ceremony of Deb’s father on Wednesday. As per the further information, all the mobs started attacking saints and smashing their vehicles. As soon as the attack started, all the people who were present there and the locals came to the rescue.

The attack is suspected to be from a particular community. Further, they also damaged nearby shops and vehicles. According to the reports, the attack was outlined before the death anniversary of Biplab’s father. All the locals are being questioned, and further interrogation is going on. Police officials are looking into the matter, and soon the attackers will be identified.

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