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From Friendly Skies to Corporate Heights: Former Cabin Crew Takes Flight as Insurance Sector’s Business Head

The aviation industry has long been synonymous with the idea of freedom and adventure, and those who are a part of it often possess a unique spirit of resilience and adaptability. One such individual is Alethea Sethi, a veteran female cabin crew member who not only weathered the storm of the pandemic but also transformed her career path to become the Business Head of Integrated Risk Insurance Brokers Limited. Alethea’s journey is a testament to the indomitable spirit of aviation professionals and their ability to soar above adversity.

Taking Flight: A Passion for the Skies: Alethea’s love for aviation began at an early age. Growing up, she was captivated by the stories her father, a former Navy Professional, shared about his experiences in the sky & the seas. Inspired by these tales, she set her sights on a career in the aviation industry. With unwavering determination and a passion for travel, Alethea pursued her dream and successfully joined a renowned airline as a cabin crew member.

The Sky is Not Always the Limit: For years, Alethea thrived in her role as a cabin crew member, ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers while traversing the globe. Her job allowed her to witness the world’s wonders, meet people from diverse cultures, and develop exceptional interpersonal skills. However, the unprecedented outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 brought the aviation industry to a standstill, leading to widespread layoffs and uncertainty.

Navigating Turbulent Times: Like many others in the industry, Alethea faced the devastating reality of losing her job. The sudden loss of her beloved profession was a profound blow, but she refused to let it extinguish her spirit. Drawing upon her resilience and adaptability, she began exploring alternative career avenues.

A New Flight Plan: Rise to Leadership: During her time as a cabin crew member, Alethea developed strong communication skills and a keen eye for detail. These qualities, combined with her experience in customer service and her ability to handle high-pressure situations, made her a valuable asset to any organization. Recognizing her potential, Alethea ventured into the world of insurance broking, leveraging her skills to navigate this new terrain.

Soaring to New Heights: Becoming a Business Head: Through hard work, perseverance, and continuous learning, Alethea quickly climbed the corporate ladder. Her commitment to excellence and her innate leadership qualities caught the attention of industry veterans. Within a relatively short period, she ascended to the position of Business Head at Integrated Risk Insurance Brokers Limited, overseeing new business development, strategic operations and leading a team of professionals.

Today, Alethea’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals in the aviation industry and beyond. Her ability to adapt, overcome challenges, and find success in a completely different field showcases the power of determination and resilience. Moreover, her transition from cabin crew to a leadership position demonstrates the value of transferable skills and the importance of embracing new opportunities.

Alethea Sethi’s remarkable journey from being a veteran female cabin crew member to becoming the Business Head of an Insurance Broking Company exemplifies the spirit of perseverance and adaptability within the aviation industry. Her ability to navigate through the challenging times caused by the pandemic and carve out a new path is truly commendable. Alethea’s story serves as a reminder that with passion, resilience, and an open mind, one can triumph over adversity and find success in unexpected places.

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