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From Shy Dancer to Prominent Actress: Biva Jamatia’s Journey in the Kokborok Entertainment Industry

Biva Jamatia has carved her niche in the Kokborok Entertainment Industry. With an impressive portfolio of 24 music videos and 4 released movies to date, Jamatia is currently engrossed in a new cinematic endeavor that promises to captivate audiences.

Biva’s partnership with acclaimed director Sarat Reang has been a cornerstone of her success. “I love working with director Sarat Reang; he is the best for me,” she enthusiastically declared. Their synergy on set has translated into cinematic magic, evident in the quality of their collaborative projects.

For music videos, Jamatia has found a creative home with Khathansa Production. “Working with them is comfortable, it feels like home,” she shared, emphasizing the unique surprises they bring to audiences with their work.

In a candid conversation with Borok Times, Biva Jamatia, a talented graduate turned actress in the Kokborok Entertainment Industry, shares her inspiring journey, her experiences, and the people who have influenced her career.

Biva, you’ve accomplished a lot in the industry. Can you tell us about your journey from being a graduate to becoming an actress?

Biva Jamatia: Absolutely! It’s been quite the journey. Initially, I was quite shy and introverted, but I always had a passion for dancing. I remember my first big stage performance during the Jamatia Fresher’s Meet. Dancing helped me overcome my shyness. In 2017, I received my first music video proposal for “Malaina Kwrwi”, and that marked the beginning of my acting career. From then on, there was no turning back. Acting became my comfort zone, and I started gaining confidence.

You’ve worked on numerous music videos. Do you have any favorites among them?

Biva Jamatia: It’s indeed a tough choice because everyone puts in so much effort to entertain the audience. However, if I had to pick, I would say “Nuklaiyya,” “Khani Khatijak,” “Dehma,” “Kaslei Kwlaiwanw,” “Kisa Kisa Khe,” and “Nono Wanswk Wansugui” hold a special place for me.

You’ve mentioned working with director Sarat Reang and Khathansa Production for music videos. What makes them special for you?

Biva Jamatia: Working with director Sarat Reang has been an incredible experience. He brings out the best in me, and I genuinely enjoy collaborating with him. As for Khathansa Production, they consistently deliver high-quality music videos. Working with them feels like being at home. They bring a unique touch to their work, always surprising the audience with their creativity.

You mentioned facing some challenges when you started. How did you overcome them?

Biva Jamatia: Struggles are an integral part of life, and I consider them a gift. Initially, society’s acceptance was limited, and support was scarce. There were negative comments, but with time, things changed. Now, I’m fortunate to have a massive support system on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. I strive to maintain a positive image because my supporters have high expectations, and I want to meet them by working hard and entertaining them.

Who are some of your favorite artists in the industry?

Biva Jamatia: In the female category, I greatly admire Parmita Reang and Bipasha Reang. Among the male artists, Swkang Debbarma and Nuai Debbarma stand out for me. Additionally, I have a comfortable working relationship with Aditya Debbarma, which is crucial in creating on-screen chemistry that resonates with the audience.

Biva Jamatia’s journey from a shy dancer to a prominent actress is a testament to her dedication and passion for the craft. Her resilience in the face of challenges is truly commendable, and she continues to inspire her supporters with her positive outlook and outstanding performances. We look forward to witnessing her upcoming projects, especially the highly anticipated movie “Doya No Mwsa Chamani”.

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