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G-20 Summit Delegates Appeared in Tripura’s Hospitality

Delegates participated in the G-20 Summit hosted by Tripura. They came from different countries. Tripura’s art, culture, handicrafts have caught everyone’s attention. This is what Scientific-20 Chairman Ashutosh Sharma said at the end of the day-long G-20 summit discussion.
Yesterday Sunday, various countries participating in the G-20 summit and other representatives came to Tripura.

They were given a warm welcome at the Agartala airport. To welcome them, artists from Tripura have showcased the culture of various states and Tripura through dance. The city of Agartala has been redecorated in a new guise.

The whole city is shining with lights. Ashutosh Sharma today explained that Tripura government’s arrangement is quite commendable.
According to him, everyone is very impressed by Agartala. Tripura, the people of the state and the management of the government have witnessed great experience. He said that the art, culture and handicrafts of Tripura were so fascinating that it was hard to believe without seeing. He claims that many people are not aware of this mind-blowing environment of Tripura. As a result, the G-20 summit will play a major role in re-discovering Tripura.

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