Gujarat Design Innovators Triumphs at World Couture League: Wins “Best Traditional Garment of the Year”


Celebrating the Rich Tapestry of Indian Handloom and Artistry

New Delhi – The designers of Team Gujarat Design Innovators, representing the vibrant state of Gujarat, have secured a prestigious victory by winning the coveted “Best Traditional Garment of the Year” award at the World Couture League. This recognition is a testament to their exceptional talent and dedication to promoting the traditional craftsmanship of Indian handloom.

The World Couture League, initiated by the World Designing Forum, marked a historic moment by focusing its spotlight on the promotion of Indian handloom and artisans. This groundbreaking initiative aims to provide a platform for designers to showcase the beauty of traditional garments while supporting local artisans and weavers.

Ankush Anami, CEO of the World Designing Forum, extended heartfelt congratulations to Team Gujarat for their outstanding achievement. He emphasized the importance of preserving and promoting India’s rich handloom heritage, stating, “The success of Team Gujarat is a significant milestone in our mission to elevate the status of Indian handloom on the global stage. It reflects the dedication and creativity of our designers in showcasing the timeless beauty of traditional garments.”

As a pioneering step, the World Designing Forum has declared August 7, 2024, as “National Handloom Day.” On this day, all states across India will unite to celebrate the diversity and excellence of Indian handloom, supporting the “Vocal for Local” mission. The celebration aims to create awareness and appreciation for the skilled artisans who contribute to the magnificence of Indian handloom.

The winning team from Gujarat, led by Captain Purva Buch, showcased an exemplary blend of creativity and tradition. The team members include Rushika J Hathi, Komal Lodhari, Jignisha Hodar Girnari, Aarti Rathor, Aanand Kantariya, Deep Shah, Himangi Bendkar, Foram Vipani, and Umangi M Kotiya.

This accolade not only recognizes the talent of the individual designers but also underscores the success of collaborative efforts in preserving and promoting India’s handloom legacy. The World Designing Forum congratulates Team Gujarat Design Innovators for their remarkable achievement and looks forward to continuing the journey of promoting the richness of Indian handloom and artistry.

About World Designing Forum:
The World Designing Forum is a leading organization committed to promoting innovation and excellence in the global fashion industry. Through initiatives like the World Couture League, the forum strives to provide a platform for designers to showcase their creativity while championing the cause of Indian handloom and artisanal craftsmanship.



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