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Havoc in Pakistan Due to Heavy Rain and Flood

Heavy rains and floods in Pakistan have wreaked havoc in many areas. Many rivers are in spate. Many pools have been washed away in the floods and many people have also died due to floods across the country. The Pakistan government has decided to launch an international appeal to help the country deal with the devastating flood situation, which was triggered by incessant rains in July and has claimed 830 lives so far.

The decision was taken during an urgent briefing on the flood emergency in Pakistan by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on Tuesday, Dawn news reported. Apart from relying on other countries for aid to mitigate the devastation caused by abnormal monsoon rains, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also appealed to the nation to help the flood victims as the government needs hundreds of billions to rehabilitate the victims. Is required.

Dawn news quoted the premier in a video message as saying, 80 billion Pakistani rupees (PKR) are needed in the current relief operation and hundreds of billions of rupees are also needed to remove the damage as well rehabilitate the victims.

Sharif said his government was already disbursing 37.2 billion Pakistani rupees (PKR) as cash relief, while 5 billion Pakistani rupees (PKR) were released “immediately” to the NDMA to expedite rescue efforts. Went. He said that 5,000 Pakistani rupees (PKR) cash assistance were being paid to the flood victims.

According to the NDMA, 1,348 people have been injured in the floods which have left thousands homeless across the country. Balochistan has the highest number of casualties at 232, followed by Sindh at 216. Meanwhile, the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has predicted more rain in different parts of the country from Wednesday.

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