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Indian Railways Adds More Holi Special Trains


Indian Railways has responded to the anticipated surge in passenger traffic during the Holi season by announcing the operation of four additional pairs of Holi special trains. These special services aim to accommodate the increased demand and facilitate travel for passengers during the festive period. The new special trains include two services from Katihar.

The decision to introduce more special trains comes as a proactive measure to ensure smooth travel arrangements for passengers during the festive season. With Holi being a popular festival celebrated across the country, there is typically a significant rise in the number of people traveling to visit their loved ones or to partake in festivities.

By operating these additional Holi special trains, Indian Railways aims to alleviate the strain on regular train services and provide passengers with more options for travel. The special trains will help in managing the expected surge in passenger traffic effectively and ensure that everyone can reach their destinations comfortably and on time.

The announcement of the four additional pairs of Holi special trains is part of Indian Railways’ ongoing efforts to enhance passenger convenience and satisfaction. The railway authorities have been closely monitoring travel patterns and demand trends to identify areas where additional services may be required.

Passengers planning to travel during the Holi season can now benefit from the availability of these special trains, which offer an alternative to regular train services. The introduction of these special trains underscores Indian Railways’ commitment to meeting the needs of passengers and ensuring a hassle-free travel experience during festive occasions.

The operation of more special trains for the Holi season reflects Indian Railways’ proactive approach in addressing the requirements of passengers and providing them with enhanced travel options. As preparations for the festive season intensify, the railway authorities remain focused on delivering efficient and reliable services to passengers across the country.

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