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Indian workers in Dubai, enjoyed an international trip

On the occasion of International Workers’ Day, an Indian business couple in Dubai arranged an international trip for their workers. UAE-based World Star Holdings Chairman Nishad Hussain and Managing Director Haseena Nishad honored 10 of their thousands of workers who performed best in the last year with the status of ‘Superhero’ and gifted them with a 4-day international tour.

They celebrated Workers’ Day in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, which is rich in natural beauty. The snow-clad Gudauri hills and the green Tsalka valleys captivated them.

“We have only seen places like this in movies and now we are in heaven,” says Ugrasen, a native of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Balakrishnan, a native of Tamil Nadu,India says that ” I have never seen this even in my dreams”.  Balakrishnan, who does not use a smartphone or WhatsApp, sends pictures and videos home from the mobile phones of friends he travels with.

Dara Singh, who has been working without taking any leave for the past two years, got new energy from this unexpected trip.

On the last International Workers’ Day as well, World Star gained global attention by honoring its workers and gifting them two days of luxury.  On that day, the workers traveled in a Rolls-Royce car, visited the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and one of the world’s largest luxury hotels, the Burj Al Arab, and stayed at a five-star hotel for two days.

Nishad Hussain, chairman of the well-known company in the field of human resources, said, “Our company sees workers as heroes. Hundreds of our workers are working on many important constructions in the UAE. Their excellent support is the biggest strength of our company.”

“We have always placed great importance on the happiness of our workers.  Their well-being and satisfaction is the secret behind our success and I take a personal interest in ensuring that it is executed properly,” says Haseena Nishad, Managing Director.

Haseena Nishad received the Sharjah Government’s honor last day in recognition of her outstanding labor welfare work.

These workers have contributed to many revolutionary developments in the UAE.  Thousands of world-star workers were involved in the construction of Burj Khalifa, Dubai Expo, Future Museum, Dubai Mall, Dubai Metro, Dubai Frame, etc.

Hundreds of Worldstar workers are currently working in various parts of the country for Etihad Rail, one of the largest projects in the UAE.

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