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Journalists have an important role to play in strengthening democracy: Minister for Information and Culture

The current government has introduced health insurance for government accredited journalists working in the state. The health insurance will cover medical services up to three lakh rupees per annum.

The state government has taken the initiative to provide accreditation cards to journalists with the aim of bringing a greater number of journalists under this health insurance Information and Culture Minister Sushant Chowdhury said this while distributing accreditation cards among the journalists working in the state media in an event organized by the Information and Culture Department at the Press Conference Hall of the Secretariat today.

Accreditation cards were formally handed over to 11 print media and 13 electronic media journalists at the event. In the event, the Minister of Information and Culture said that the State Department of Information and Culture is sincere in fulfilling the long-standing demand of getting accreditation cards for the journalists of the state.

Initiatives have been taken to bring a total of 337 accredited journalists under health insurance, including old and new ones as a result, journalists can take advantage of medical services in various reputed hospitals in India. He said that 189 new journalists have been given accreditation cards Moreover, 141 journalists have been given renewal accreditation cards and 25 senior journalists have been given accreditation cards.

He said that those whose names are currently missing from the list of accreditation cards have the opportunity to get them in the future as well He said, the process of issuing this accreditation card will continue The Minister of Information and Culture emphasized on the proper use of the card besides protecting the proper dignity of the journalists who have received this accreditation card.

Journalists have an important role to play in strengthening democracy Information and Culture Minister Sree Chaudhary expressed the hope that journalists will play a positive role in making the state stronger by performing their professional duties as the fourth pillar of democracy.

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