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Karate Coach Dr. Pradeep Kumar Yadav entered into the book of Official World Record.

In a remarkable achievement, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Yadav has been officially recognized by the Official World Record (OWR) as “The youngest to publish a fully colored, coffee-table sized and a pictorial book on Shotokan Karate.”

Sensei Pradeep Kumar Yadav who is a 3rd DAN Black Belt, recognized by the World Karate Federation in Spain, has dedicated over 20 years to mastering and promoting the Japanese martial art both in India and globally through his academy named Indo Shotokan Karate Do Federation, India.

“This world record is the culmination of my lifelong passion for Shotokan Karate and a deep desire to share its rich history and techniques with the world,” said Dr. Yadav. “I am honored and humbled to receive this prestigious recognition.”

Titled “Shotokan Karate: Easiest Way To Get Black Belt,” Dr. Yadav’s 174-page book is a visually stunning and educational journey through the origins, forms, and technical mastery of this iconic martial art. Filled with vibrant, full-color photography and expert insights, the publication has been hailed as an essential resource for karate practitioners of all levels.

Beyond his publishing milestone, Dr. Yadav holds the distinction of being a Brand Ambassador for India’s Fit India Campaign, a flagship program of the Government of India. He has also amassed 40 national and international awards for his contributions to the sport.

Perhaps most impressively, since 2005, Dr. Yadav has selflessly trained over 55,000 underprivileged children in Shotokan Karate, embodying the discipline, respect, and personal growth that define this ancient martial tradition.

“Dr. Yadav’s dedication to the sport and his unwavering commitment to empowering the youth is truly inspiring,” said an Official World Record (OWR) spokesperson. “His achievement in publishing such a comprehensive book on Shotokan Karate is a remarkable feat deserving of global recognition.”

This latest accolade cements Dr. Yadav’s status as a rising star in the world of martial arts, inspiring a new generation of practitioners in India and beyond to unlock the transformative power of Shotokan Karate.

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