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Lack of Work and Food in Longtarai, CPM State Secretary Complains

The remote tribal areas of Longtrai valley sub-division of Dhalai district are severely lacking in working food drinking water and medical services. Due to lack of work, food, drinking water and medical services, the people of the Janjati section of the vast area of Longtraivali sub-division of Dhalai district have become helpless.

CPIM State Secretary Jitendra Chowdhury visited the area and drew the attention of the state government and ADC administration in this regard Returning to Agartala on Wednesday, CPIM State Secretary Jitendra Chowdhury said that the shortage of food, drinking water and medical treatment in the rural areas of Longtrai Valley Subdivision has started to become extreme. People of those areas are suffering from various water borne diseases Intestinal, malaria is feared to take a serious form Health services in those areas have completely collapsed Even in areas where health services were available, there were not enough doctors and medical staff and prescriptions. During the tenure of the present government, the supply of drinking water by tankers has been completely stopped in those areas Due to lack of work and food, people are forced to spend their days starving.

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