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Lawyers Demand A Full-Time Chief Justice For Tripura High Court

Tripura High Court

300 Tripura lawyers submitted a letter to the Chief Justice of India pleading for his quick action to address the challenges facing the administration of justice in the absence of a full-time Chief Justice at the Tripura High Court.

They remarked that acting Chief Justice Subhasis Talapatra was moved to the Orissa High Court in November of last year after that serving Chief Justice Indrajit Mahanty retired from the Tripura High Court. 

The Court’s total number of judges decreased from four to two as a result of judges being transferred out of the Court and retiring, which resulted in the unusual suspension of hearings on certain delicate and complex cases.

Acting Chief Justice T Amaranath Goud has been chosen for the position. Justice Arindam Lodh is another currently serving judge on the Tripura High Court. The Members of the Bar Associations of Tripura are aware that the recommendations made by the Collegiums of the Supreme Court for the appointment of several of judges have been delayed and are not being followed through on.

The letter continued as the Members of various Bar Associations of Tripura most humbly and respectfully submit and pray that You would kindly look into the matter and take early steps to fulfill our prayer for the appointment and posting of the Chief Justice of Tripura as well as filling up of the vacant Posts as soon as possible.

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