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Made a Song on a Mobile App, and Now His Album “Slang On Anti-Nationalist” is Popular?

This is the story of SR Bankariya, a professional actor working in the film industry in Mumbai for the last six years. He is a software engineering graduate. He believes in hard work and talent instead of shortcuts. When he came to Mumbai he had nothing more than his talent and self-confidence. He worked in several films, serials, and web series but it was not satisfying for him. He had become a victim of fraud by some fake producers too. But He never loses hope. He says “failure means you are active and when you are active you learn, so as long as you are learning you do not fail”.

He wanted to viral himself so he made a music album with his savings but he didn’t get a proper response. He wanted to make more songs but he had no money now. One day read an article on Sachet Tandon where Sachet produced his songs and music by himself. So he decided to create music by himself, but before he wanted to practice so he used mobile applications. While practicing he start making songs, and it started working and he continues it.

He is ready with his mobile-created music album, link below:

Slang On Anti-Nationalist





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