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Manik Saha Delivers A Subtle Message To The Bike Cops And Media

Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha yesterday sent a subtle message to the party’s cyclists, police officers, and some journalists about their duties. He was speaking at a state conference of photojournalists yesterday. In a solid message to Bikeforce, the prime minister said that if the party and government are working well, there is no need to be afraid to reach out to the public or need threats and intimidation. “I have told the DGP and other police officers to act regardless of the perpetrator’s identity. The police must act decisively but fairly. But I’m not an enemy, but I have to carry out my duties as best I can,” the chief minister said.

He also expressed surprise that some journalists were associated with ministers. “We expect journalists to be fair, honest, and truthful. There is no need to highlight or offend anyone inappropriately. It is healthy for journalists to have aloof relationships with ministers. We need to work in our own areas, but we need a civil-friendly approach,” Manik said, although he has not made this clear, his party’s bicycle troop does not condone the attacks on people carried out by the UN, especially the recent attack on the dismissed Piyali Dar teacher.

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