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Manipur Govt. Denies Transport, Offers UPSC Exam Reimbursement

The Manipur state government has informed the Delhi High Court that it will not arrange transportation for students from hill districts to UPSC Civil Services Exam centers outside the state.

PIL by Zomi Students Federation

This decision follows a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by the Zomi Students Federation, raising security concerns and proposing that students arrange their own transport and accommodation, with the government offering reimbursement.

A division bench, led by Acting Chief Justice Manmohan and Justice Manmeet Pritam Singh Arora, appreciated the state government’s reasoning and agreed with its stance.

The court acknowledged the provision of financial assistance to students opting for exam centers beyond Manipur and emphasized the importance of respecting the government’s assessment of security situations in hill districts.

The state government’s counsel highlighted security risks associated with transporting groups of students together, prompting the court to support the state’s decision.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) assured the court that candidates from Manipur’s hill districts could select alternative centers, with the UPSC portal reopening for this purpose from April 8 to April 19.

A letter from Manipur’s Chief Secretary reaffirmed the state’s commitment to providing financial assistance to candidates.

Considering the security risks involved in government-arranged transportation, the bench disposed of the PIL, allowing the petitioner federation to seek further clarification or modification if necessary.

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