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Marijuana Seized, One Arrested Along Assam-Arunachal Border


Police in Chardwara made a substantial seizure of marijuana along the Assam-Arunachal border, confiscating cannabis worth approximately Rs 50,000. The operation led to the arrest of Prasad Das, who is currently in custody for further interrogation.

The successful operation, carried out by local law enforcement, underscores ongoing efforts to combat illegal drug trafficking in the region. Marijuana, a controlled substance, continues to be a significant concern for authorities due to its detrimental effects on public health and safety.

Chardwara police, acting on intelligence information, launched a targeted operation to intercept the illegal transportation of narcotics across state borders. The seizure of such a large quantity of marijuana demonstrates the vigilance and determination of law enforcement agencies to curb drug-related activities.

Prasad Das, apprehended in connection with the illicit drug trade, is now subject to thorough investigation to ascertain his involvement and potential links to wider criminal networks. Police authorities are intensifying their efforts to gather evidence and gather intelligence to dismantle drug smuggling operations operating along the Assam-Arunachal border.

The seizure of marijuana worth Rs 50,000 highlights the magnitude of the illegal drug trade in the region and the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in combating this menace. The arrest of individuals involved in such activities sends a strong message of deterrence to others considering engaging in illicit drug trafficking.

Local communities and residents along the Assam-Arunachal border have lauded the efforts of law enforcement in cracking down on drug-related crimes. The successful operation serves to enhance public confidence in the ability of authorities to maintain law and order and ensure the safety and security of the region.

Efforts to combat drug trafficking require sustained cooperation and coordination among various stakeholders, including law enforcement agencies, government authorities, and local communities. The seizure of marijuana and the arrest of individuals involved serve as a reminder of the ongoing battle against illicit drug activities and the importance of remaining vigilant in safeguarding communities from the harmful effects of narcotics.

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