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Martyr’s Day Celebrated by the Initiative of Four Left-Wing Student Youth Organizations

Four left-wing student youth organizations paid tribute on the martyrdom day of these three freedom fighters, Bhagat singh, Rajguru, Shukdev. Left and student youth organization celebrated the martyrdom of these three freedom fighters in front of Agartala city center on Thursday. At the beginning of the program this morning, flowers and garlands were offered to the three martyrs at the martyr’s altar. Then silence was observed. DYFI A state secretary Nabarun Dev said that Bhagatsingh, Rajguru, Shukdev, these three freedom fighters have struggled for their whole lives to liberate the country from the hands of British imperialism and free the country from exploitation. They led the movement against exploitation. Yesterday was their 93rd Ashidan Day.

The country gained independence only through their uncompromising movement and self-sacrifice but even though the country is independent, still the people of the country are not able to protect their acquired rights Exploitation, deprivation, deprivation of democratic rights continues. He said that the left student youth organization as the successor of Bhagat Singh Rajguru and Sukh Dev is determined to continue the uninterrupted fight against it.

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