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Meghalaya gets WHO Award for tobacco control efforts

Guwahati: In a moment of pride for Meghalaya, the State Tobacco Control Cell (STCC) has been honored by the prestigious World Health Organisation (WHO) for its exceptional endeavors in tobacco control. This recognition stands as a testament to the dedicated efforts of the officials involved.

The State Tobacco Control Cell of Meghalaya has consistently displayed a strong commitment to combating the harmful effects of tobacco consumption within the state. Its tireless efforts and effective strategies have played a significant role in raising awareness and implementing measures to curb tobacco use.

The World Health Organisation, known for its global leadership in promoting health and well-being, recognized the outstanding work carried out by the STCC. The recognition from such a respected international organization reflects the STCC’s remarkable achievements in tobacco control and serves as an inspiration for other regions.

Meghalaya’s State Tobacco Control Cell has taken a multi-faceted approach towards tobacco control, encompassing various aspects of prevention, education, and enforcement. Their initiatives include awareness campaigns targeting both the general public and vulnerable populations, implementation of comprehensive tobacco control policies, and strict enforcement of regulations.

The efforts of the STCC have yielded positive results, with a noticeable reduction in tobacco use prevalence and a greater emphasis on public health. By promoting a smoke-free environment and encouraging individuals to quit tobacco addiction, the STCC has played a pivotal role in safeguarding the well-being of the people of Meghalaya.

The recognition by WHO serves as a source of motivation for the State Tobacco Control Cell to further intensify its efforts and strive for even greater success. It also highlights the significance of collaborative efforts between governmental bodies, civil society organizations, and the public to combat the tobacco epidemic effectively.

The State Government of Meghalaya expressed its heartfelt appreciation for the STCC’s tireless dedication and remarkable achievements. The recognition bestowed by the WHO showcases Meghalaya’s commitment to prioritizing public health and setting a positive example for other states and regions.

Meghalaya’s State Tobacco Control Cell stands as a shining example of effective tobacco control efforts. It is hoped that their success will inspire other regions to strengthen their endeavors in creating a tobacco-free society, ultimately contributing to the global fight against tobacco-related diseases and promoting healthier communities worldwide.

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